Making of “Termitary House”


In the spare time among our works we engage ourselves in some in-house projects, each time trying to realize something new. It’s a challenge and we must face new tools or techniques we’ve never used before. Being able to manage them gives us great satisfaction and allow us to grow in terms of know-how and experience.

As usual, we searched some interesting project on, and we found this beautiful project from Tropical Space Studio.

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Making of “Los Faiques Dwelling”


Before we started to execute this project, we went about searching a great architectural reference to replicate in CG. It did not take long before we stumbled upon the Los Faiques Dwellings by DURAN&HERMISA arquitectos asociados Archdaily.

We were impressed by the simple architectural concept of the house and its integration with the natural environment (as part of the foreground), as well as by the color palette and the general mood of the photos taken by Photographer – Sebastián Crespo. We absolutely loved the contrast between the dark blur skies and the bright orange artificial lights showcased in them.

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